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Past Exhibitions

Here you will find a selection of our past exhibitions.

Sasha Chaitow

Saturday 14th - Monday 23rd October 2017

I have wrestled with the angel and I am stained with light and I have no shame.

~ Mary Oliver, Power and Time,’ Blue Pastures, 1997 ~

Several strands of inspiration form the “Stained by the Light” collection: the notion of metamorphosis, initiation, and the regenerative power of nature; antique and emblematic symbolism; sacred words and symbolic languages, heavily influenced by the subversive power of street art.

In a time of uncertainty, confusion, and change with invisible ends, these compositions reflect the ambivalence of adapting to such times and the possibility of both success and failure embedded within it. The darkness of many of the images is the subterranean place of gestation; the alchemical nigredo; the chaos before order of one kind or another emerges. This is how the darkness is irrevocably stained by the light, and these images are the result.

Each painting is a narrative inviting the viewer into a dialogue, so that we may share an exploration of the timeless, but also current themes in the paintings. The human form is the base for most of the compositions, and its position, posture, or action reflects the essence of the transformation that is at hand or under way. The images – or lettering -layered on top, is often a clear key to the meanings locked within. A contrasting motif, either in the form of ancient lettering (accurately rendered words and phrases in their original tongue) or in the shape of an animal or floral design, breaks through the darkness and “stains” it with colour and light, reflecting the message that nature, spirit, and the narratives of collective memory can transform the gloom into beauty with human creativity as a driving force.

Exhibited in Corfu, Greece, during May/June 2017, this expanded version of “Stained by the Light” is Sasha’s 11th solo exhibition.

From Sasha’s studio: Making the “Stained by the Light” collection and explaining the thinking and symbolism behind the paintings.

Stained by the Light 2017 is Sasha Chaitow’s new solo exhibition of neosymbolist art, accompanied by music written for the paintings, and a one-day symposium of talks by scholars and artists “Art = Praxis”.

Central to the exhibition and symposium concept is the idea that works of art can become dynamic, living entities, capable of transforming the viewer, who is the final link in the creative circuit. This idea draws on an ancient tradition, as well as the modern slow art movement. The art has been deliberately designed as an experiential narrative journey that is only completed when the visitor engages mindfully with the art. This is a two-way transformational process; the art only acquires meaning in the presence of a spectator, while by engaging with the symbolic narratives and unlocking meaning within them, a transformation occurs within the viewer.

This process is the meaning of “praxis”, and the symposium presentations are dedicated to exploring the transformational power of the creative process, from experiential, scholarly, historical and philosophical perspectives.

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Neill Lowden

Saturday 30th September - Monday 9th October 2017

A fabulous exhibition of Landsapes and Still Lifes.  These pictures do not due them justice, their colours just sing out from their canvasses.

Neill Lowdon studied a L’ecole des Beaux Arts in Orléans and Falmouth School of Art. He won the David Murray Painting Prize from the Royal Academy of Arts and with the prize money painted at Santiago de Compostella.

He has paintedin countries such as Portugal, Greece, Morocco, Iceland, Greenland, America, Mexico, Venezuela and Madiera.

Princess Zissi Bentheim exhibited and sold his pastels on two occasions in her castle in Germany.

Neill has painted solidly for 37 years since graduating. Because of his epilepsy, he has had to cycle over 100,000 miles to reach his chosen outdoor painting subjects. He paints exclusively from life and has found moving to Somerset a real aid to his work and thinking.

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Saturday 2nd - Saturday 23rd September 2017

Now in it's second year, we are once again hosting this fun and fabulous exhibition.

352 pictures from 140 different artists in all mediums, subjects and styles. All pictures measure 100 x 100mm and are mounted, glazed and framed in 200 x 200mm white wooden frames and are all up for sale for the amazing price of £40.00 each. BUT, you won't know the artist until you have bought it!

This was such a sucess last year and the standard of art was stunning, and from the entries we have been accepting, this year's is going to be even better! Too many pictures to be able to display them all from the start, the exhibition will evolve over the three weeks so customers will have to visit several times to see them all!


We open at 10am on Saturday 2nd September and will be open every day EXCEPT Mondays.  The last day of the Exhibition is Saturday 23rd September

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Pamela Legg 2017

Saturday 12th - Monday 21st August 2017

An exhibition of originals and prints showing Pamel's latest work featuring the 'Gutterman'. 

Always a fabulous and very popular show and a chance to meet the artist.

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Priestess of Art

Saturday 29th July - Monday 7th August 2017

Original Oils, Prints and Oracles by


A Biography
Cheryl Yambrach Rose is the author of the book Art Through the Eyes of the Soul (forward by Dr. Jean Houston) and the Art Through the Eyes of the Soul Oracle deck (U.S. Games Systems.) Her latest award winning oracle deck released in 2015 is called Art Through the Starstream.

Founding member of the Art Movement "The New Visionaries of Mt. Shasta" in 1989. She is a clairvoyant visionary artist specializing in Spiritual portraiture and Neo-Mythic Art®. She paints in oils on linen in a synthesis of the old master style and her own unique technique of tuning in through the eyes.

Her Spiritual portraits are Multi-dimensional paintings incorporating information accessed through the sight of the pineal gland or inner eye as it connects to the Source Field.

Her Neo-Mythic Art® brings forth images out of the morphic fields surrounding sacred sites and vorticies within them.

Excelling in spiritual portraiture, Cheryl is collected by many discerning luminaries, including Gary Zukav and Neale Donald Walsch. Her artwork has been published and shown world-wide, including in the Nelson Rockefeller Collection and the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum. It has been featured on the Wisdom and travel channels, Doreen Virtue's decks, and in iPhone/iPad apps.

She lives and works in Glastonbury, England, Prague, Czech Republic, and Mt. Shasta, CA. In Prague, she is co-founder with her husband, of Daghda Vision s.r.o., a company dedicated to global cultural exchange, art, film and publishing.

"As an artist my highest aspiration is the fusion of Spirit into matter."



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Flying Monkeys and Guardian Angels - what's your story?

Saturday 3rd - Monday 12th June 2017

We all have our own story, our life’s experiences, hopes and dreams. Yet, as humans we have the amazing ability to rewrite our own story, to come to terms with painful experiences, to make sense out of the seemingly random events. Ultimately we can give meaning to our own path and turn it into a story of success, and even the most painful experiences can turn into valuable lessons learned.
Storytelling and creativity are two ancient ways to relate to life and understand life’s journey.
Come and join me in this exhibition into your own story!
I invite you to meet archetypes of our shared and individual stories. Mirrors will ask you questions, leading into your inner journey, with sculptures of fantastical creatures greeting you in the outer world and images reflecting some lessons back to you, in the hope we have learned them this time around.
So, what’s YOUR story?


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Friday 21st - Monday 31st October 2016

Melanie Brear is a Glastonbury based artist and illustrator of spiritual, visionary and fantasy art. She was born in Bradford in 1970. She comes from a diverse background - and cites some of the many places where she has lived as influencing her work, which range from Edinburgh to Exmoor. Her first occupation was as a self-employed picture framer, but she later found her true calling as an artist. Since then Melanie has self-trained and taught herself traditional oil painting techniques.

Since moving to Glastonbury her interests in spirituality and healing have facilitated an interest in all that is unseen or mysterious. It is this need to look for a new direction, which fuses art and spirit - while recognizing the importance of the imagination - that has been the main influence on her art.

Melanie has taken part in a joint National Trust exhibition at East Riddlesden Hall in West Yorkshire and her most recent solo exhibition is at Glastonbury Galleries, Glastonbury, UK.

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Working with the Elements

Saturday 8th - Monday 17th October 2016

Mathew West lives and works here in Somerset and has been particularly inspired by the local countryside, especially the Somerset Levels.  Working mainly in charcoal, overlaid with different media such as acrylic paints, pastel and graphite powder, which allow him to sypathetically interpret the changes of light and dark and capture the freshness of the landscape's vitality.

Some may think that a landcsape is predominantly flat and can be dull and featureless, but Mathew feels that the more he draws it, the closer he becomes to the essence of the land, establishing a greater understanding if it's changes as the seasons pass.

Born in London in 1974 Mathew visited Somerset as a child and remembers sketching donkeys on the levels where his Grandparents lived.  He studied art for four years, starting with a pre-foundation course in London before moving to Wimbledon School of Art in 1993-4, Sunderland University 1994-5 and Kent Institute of Art and Design 1995-6.

After leaving college he continued with his artwork and participated in a number of courses both in London and Somerset where he now calls home, re-connecting with his strong connection with the land.

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Saturday 10th September - Saturday 1st October 2016

Who is the artist?

100 artists from near and far have responded to our Challenge to produce a 10cm square piece of work, all of which have been mounted, glazed and framed identically by us to create a fabulous and fun exhibition of over 200 pictures.

This was open to all artists who were able to enter up to three items each, in any media and any subject and whose pictures include originals of all kinds, prints, photographs, etchings and textiles. The full list of participating artists (who are too numerous to list here), will be displayed within the exhibition, but the identity of each artist's work will only be revealed after it has been purchased.

All pictures are priced at the affordable cost of £40 each.

Enjoy the thrill of finding a piece of artwork from a known artist, or perhaps discover a new favorite!


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The Gutterman Travels

Saturday 13th - Monday 22nd August 2016

Local artist Pamela Legg will be showing her latest work featuring the adventures of The Gutterman as he travels far and wide. 

Pamela trained as an illustrator and has worked in animation and her work reflects her immaginative world in which The Gutterman character lives.  Her quirky and original style perfectly captures his world in a way to make you smile.

This promises to be a fabulous exhibition not to be missed and a great opportunity to meet the artist.

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Arts of Avalon

Saturday 30th July - Monday 8th August 2016

A collection by three local artists;


Colin Threadgall - Artist, Illustrator and Printmaker

Don Storey: Furniture Maker
Submitting Furniture and a variety of smaller items e.g. Chopping Boards, clocks etc.

Don Storey lives and works in Glastonbury as a furniture maker where he has his workshop Avalon Heartwood.
After an office based career he retrained as a fine furniture maker at City of Bristol College.
He was greatly inspired by the Arts and Crafts Style of his native Glasgow and also draws influence from Scandinavian and Japanese design.
His work ranges from larger bespoke pieces such as cabinets and tables through to smaller items for the home, such as clocks and chopping boards.

Philip Tonkyn: Photographer and Digital Artist
Submitting Panoramic Prints of Sacred Landscapes.

Brought up in Glastonbury, Philip Tonkyn was well known in the 70’s and 80’s as an air-brush artist and illustrator. His long held interest in surrealist and visionary art is now expressed through photography and digital art, creating detailed panoramas of sacred landscape which place the viewer within the scene as in the hyperreal world of dream and vision.

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Hidden Treasure

Saturday 16th - Monday 25th July 2016

Artist Roma Nichol lives in Hampshire and takes her inspiration from the mystical aspects of the natural world.  

She works in a variety of media and likes to mix different materials together to create work such as collage, as well as using wire, leather and textiles to develope three dimensional pieces.  Incorporationg crysatals into her work helping create energy into the piece.  Recently exploring the art of Batiik and enjoying the 'happy accidents' which occur as a result and influenced by the Anglo Saxon and Celtic periods. 


White Lion Beings

Saturday 2nd - Monday 11th July 2016

We wellcome for the first time Dorset Artist Carmen Belle-White - Channeller Of The Lion Beings ~ Intuitive Healer ~ Creative Channel ~ Visionary Artist ~ Sacred Sounding ~ Workshops

The White Lion Beings channeled paintings will be coming to Glastonbury for the first time in a sacred gathering/exhibition. The paintings will be available for you to sit with quietly and receive the unconditional Love and Healing they bring.

Carmen and Michiel are collaborating for this exhibition. They are guided to bring the combined energies together of the Pleadian and White Lion Beings. A beautiful collection of channeled paintings will be available to view, with the invitation to receive beautiful Sacred Sounds.

Carmen will be adding Sacred Words and Sounds with Her voice to each of the channeled paintings. Dates to be confirmed for the evening viewings and Sacred Sound journey with The White Lion Beings.

Spaces will be limited so please book to secure a place.

Through his art, Michiel Kroon invites the viewers to open their minds and hearts. It is the result of a deep transformation from right brain logical thinking towards creativity. While growing up in the Netherlands, Michiel studied physics and was always interested in the workings of the cosmos. This also led to an inward exploration through meditation, yoga and art therapy. Sound healing and channeling abilities were activated by the energy of Glastonbury, which became a new place to live. Michiel's art is inspired by the Pleiades stars, also known as the seven sisters. When Michiel creates his art, his hands are guided by the Pleiadian light.

For more info please contact on facebook
tel. 07966720007

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Avalonian Dreams

Thursday 2nd - Monday 27th June 2016

A varied collection of work by local artists; Sandra, Sara, Mano and Angela (plus others).  Original paintings and prints. 


Friday 27th May - Saturday 4th June 2016

A collection of GCSE Art and Design work by Year 11 students at St Dunstan's School here in Glastonbury.

St Dunstan's School is renowned for it's high stsandard of Art and once again we are proud to be able to showcase a selection of the student's work.  This exhibition is always a positive and inspiring experience and is well worth a visit.


Friday 13th - Monday 23rd May 2016

On Friday the 13th an Art Show will open


This may not be a lucky day to open.


Would it be unlucky if you came?

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Somerset Art Weeks Festival

Saturday 3rd - Sunday 18th October 2015

Once again our gallery will be hosting a fabulous exhibition as part of this year's Somerset Art Weeks Festival where we will be featuring the lastest work from seven talented artists; , LAURA MERRITT, THALIA BROWN, BEN CHIDGEY, CAROLINE LIR, NORMAN PARKER and CHRISTOPHER FRY.  Their work ranges from representational and impressionistic, to graffiti, spiritual and surrealistic with all mediums including photography, textiles, oils, watercolours and more.  Each of the artists offer totally contrasting styles and themes so there will be plenty to stimulate and inspire all tastes.

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Telling Stories (again) David and Deborah Robinson

Saturday 15th - Monday 31st August 2015

We are pleased welcome back - and this time for a longer spell - husband and wife artists David and Deborah Robinson.  If you only visit one exhibition a year, this is the one for you - diverse, challenging, inspiring and up-lifting.

Artists, Photographers, Poets and Teachers.

They will be showing their latest works including Paintings, Photography, 3D Installations, Prints and Etchings.


In the beginning was the word.

The word was graceful and the word was strong.

The word floated in the formless void

and the darkness did not understand it.

The word spoke itself. It spoke to itself.

The darkness was not listening.

Cradled in chaos, it sang itself to sleep,

awoke and hugged itself for joy.

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The Gutterman Visits Glasto

Friday 31st July - Saturday 8th August 2015

An exhibition of original paintings and prints by Yeovil artist Pamela Legg.  Trained as an illustrator specialising in animation she has created her own quirky style and a character 'The Gutterman' who features in all her paintings.  We have been persuading her to create a series especially for Glastonbury - she will have plenty of real life characters on which to get her inspiration!!

A new artist for our Gallery who I am sure will prove to be a popular one!

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The Enchanted Landscape by Philip Tonkyn

Saturday 18th July - Saturday 8th August 2015

We welcome back once again our local landscape photographer PHILIP TONKYN who will be showing his most recent work.

Inspired by our scared landscape , not only around Glastonbury but also the stone circles, sacred monuments and holy glades from further afield.

Amazing photographs that capture the magic of our most beautiful landscape.

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Art Through the Starstream

Saturday 4th - Sunday 12th July 2015

An exhibition of paintings by renowned artist Cheryl Yambrach Rose

Open Tuesdays to Saturdays 9am to 5pm

Sundays 12am - 5pm

Cheryl Yambrach Rose Hall is a visionary artist, portrait painter and researcher. Using historical data along with her psychic impressions, she creates empowered oil paintings based on experiences in sacred sites and other realms. She calls this ‘Neo-Mythic Art’ ® . Her book “Art Through the Eyes of the Soul” released in 2010 is a rich collection of these experiences. It contains 60 full color paintings, 120 color photos, and a forward by Dr. Jean Houston. The “Art Through the Eyes of the Soul Oracle” deck was released in 2011. It is now in it’s 4th edition and selling in over 25 countries. “Art Through the Starstream Oracle” has just been released this year. Both are distributed by U.S.Games Systems, inc. and PGUK.

Excelling in Spiritual portraiture, Cheryl is collected by many discerning luminaries including Gary Zukav and Neale Donald Walsch. Her artwork has been published and shown worldwide in the Nelson Rockefeller Collection, the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, in many publications including Alex Grey’s art journal CoSM, featured on the Wisdom and Travel channels, and in the movie ‘Journey of Awakening.’

She lives and works in Mt. Shasta, California, Glastonbury, England, and Prague Czech Republic. In Prague she is co-founder with her husband Toby, of Daghda Vision s.r.o., a company dedicated to global cultural exchange, art, film, and publishing.

Facebook Cheryl Yambrach Rose-Hall

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Circles and Spirals

Saturday 6th - Monday 15th June 2015

This exhibition of art and poetry celebrates the interconnection of all things, seen and unseen.

Nature offers insights into the cyclical and spiral nature of life. We have drawn creative inspiration over the years from ancient woodlands, boulder strewn rivers and rugged coastline.

Dolmens, menhirs, stone circles and ancient fountains all honour the cosmos and our place in the scheme of things. The contrast of the seasons brings its own beauty.

The intricate abstract designs have been created by hand, using acrylic inks on cotton paper, many taking the form of mandalas. Starting from the centre, the work weaves its own form through silhouette, reflection and colour.

There is wonder in connecting with the source of the beauty, abundance and rhythm of life.

The poetry and photos that accompany this artwork seek to express this wonder and weaving of love's energy.

With thanks

Justin and Caro

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Illuminated Mandala Installation

Saturday 28th March - Tuesday 21st April 2015


Illuminated Mandala Installation

Sacred Geometry - Lights - Music

Exhibition open daily

Saturday 28th March-Tuesday 21st April 2015 12-8pm

Entrance £10 - £5 concessions. Advanced £8 - £4 concessions.

For more information and advance online booking: visit

Or call Free on 08001804828

Exhibition is NOT suitable for photo-sensitive epileptics

Fourth Eye is an installation designed for the soul. The intention is to be instantly delivered into meditation by the careful unification of healing frequencies. Effortlessly accessing a profound state through heightened focus and visualization.

Large, intricate mandalas are presented with rich, saturated light projected onto the surface and synchronized with entrancing music. The combined effect is to transport the viewer into another realm. Other keys to this state of wonder can be found by spiritual practice, in meditation and by the use of psychedelics.

Jim Goodsir, presents the installation of 3 powerful mandalas and is the designer of A Different Light, which is being shown for the first time and enables access to alpha frequencies. Seeing mandalas as never before: On show is his immensely complicated Gold. A new sacred geometry piece from Glastonbury painter and sculptor Penelope Lester, to herald the Age of Light. And The Holotope, by Californian Randall Fontes, featuring a section of the E8 polytope framed in fractals.

Featuring music, via headphones, selected live, from Aeoliah, Constance Demby, Deuter, Diane Arkenstone, John Serrie. Kimba Arem, Michael Stearns and Steven Halpern.


The Healing Light of Orbs

Saturday 14th - Monday 23rd March 2015

Photographic Art Exhibition by ANNA LEONIE

"I started photographing orbs 6 or 7 years ago - at first they would only occasionally appear on my camera, but as time went on I began to capture more and more of them. And I found that although they are of course around us all the time, day and night, they were easier to see at night: given the very brightness of their vibrations they of course create a bigger contrast between light and dark. And of course that's what they are drawing near to help us to do: to expand our consciousness and move into the light; toward love and truth, and away from fear and attachment - to grow and evolve. At first mystified as to what these beautiful orbs were, I started asking questions. And in this I am very blessed: I have for many years now been in contact with the loving guidance of an Ascended Master - the Master Almora, with whom I talk through a wonderful trance medium. He guided me to explore the nature, reason and meaning of these beautiful visitations, and I began to understand that they are divine representations of divine energy of many different beings, including Archangels, Masters, Saints, nature spirits, angels, unicorns and many more, and therefore sacred; drawing near to us at this time to bring loving messages of guidance and hope for us all, and supporting us in our healing and journey. They did indeed bring me much-needed love and support at a time of great darkness in my own life.

So I bring these beautiful pictorial representations of divine energy to you - to share them with you; to invite you to come and experience their power and beauty for yourself, and by contemplating them, to feel free, inspired and up-lifted by the messages which they bring."


14th March to 23rd March inclusive

Opening times daily: Tuesday-Saturday 9am-5pm; Sunday and Monday 11am-4pm

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Christmas Open Exhibition 'WINTER'

Saturday 6th - Tuesday 23rd December 2014


Even if I say so myself, this is a fabulous show of work by 31 talented local artists around the theme of 'Winter'.  Their work ranges from photography, watercolours and oils, to mixed media, etchings and sculpture.  Some of the artists are familiar to us, but many are showing their work here for the first time.  I have been greatly impressed by their variation and standard and the exhibition is well worth the time to view.

The artists taking part are;

Laura Sorensen, Philip Tonkyn, Ciarán O’Gorman, Nancy Farmer, Pip Wilson, Barbara Stubbs, Nick Edge, Tony Artichanto, Mike Coldwell, Simon Dowden, Vanda Lloyd, John Waters, Julie Avenell, Elizabeth Walker, John Stadden, Bryn Whitcombe, Thalia Brown, Paul Branson, Penny Robinson, Colin Threadgall, Rose Raphael, Christopher Fry, Hazel McLean, Mirriam Sheppard, Christa Fox, Sandra Brant, Sara Clay, Norman Parker, Sue Howard, and Lee Smith.

All artwork is for sale

We will be offering a £50 framing voucher as a prize for the most popular picture voted for by you the public during the exhibition - so please come in and place your vote!

Opening Times; Tuesdays to Saturdays 9am to 5pm

The exhibition will close on TUESDAY 23RD DECEMBER at 5pm when we finish for Christmas!





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A Cabinet of Dreams

Saturday 5th - Monday 14th July 2014

We welcome back to our gallery an exhibition by husband and wife artists David and Deborah Robinson.

'A Cabinet of Dreams' truly describes this collection which will take your imagination soaring into unexplored worlds.

Paintings, photographic prints, mixed media and 3D installations

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OBOD - 'By Star and Stone'

Saturday 7th - Monday 16th June 2014

The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids 50th Anniversary Exhibition.

Featured artists include; Polly Morris, Sharon Zak, Will Worthington and Jamie Reid.

Philip Tonkyn

Saturday 24th May - Monday 2nd June 2014

A fabulous landscape photographer who captures the spirit of our scared sites with incredible artistic skill. Truly wonderful and amazing images.

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St. Dunstan's School, Glastonbury

Wednesday 14th - Saturday 17th May 2014

'St Art' - an exhibition of this year's GCSE student's artwork. Every year it they seem to get better and better and it is always a very exciting and original show. 4 days only!