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Flying Monkeys and Guardian Angels - what's your story?

Saturday 3rd - Monday 12th June 2017

We all have our own story, our life’s experiences, hopes and dreams. Yet, as humans we have the amazing ability to rewrite our own story, to come to terms with painful experiences, to make sense out of the seemingly random events. Ultimately we can give meaning to our own path and turn it into a story of success, and even the most painful experiences can turn into valuable lessons learned.
Storytelling and creativity are two ancient ways to relate to life and understand life’s journey.
Come and join me in this exhibition into your own story!
I invite you to meet archetypes of our shared and individual stories. Mirrors will ask you questions, leading into your inner journey, with sculptures of fantastical creatures greeting you in the outer world and images reflecting some lessons back to you, in the hope we have learned them this time around.
So, what’s YOUR story?


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