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Roxanne Gooderham

Monday 9th - Wednesday 18th August 2021

I’m a Midlands based Fine Artist with a specific interest in history, myth
and legend, and nature. I completed my BA (Hons) in Fine Art at
Birmingham Institute of Art and Design in 2006, and with an extensive
portfolio of original work including many commissions, I have sold my
work both nationally and internationally. Although predominantly working
in pencil and charcoal I also work in pen, watercolour, inks, oils, acrylics
and pastels. My work is inspired by battle scenes, medieval jousts,
period costume, historic buildings and landscapes as well as the many
stories surrounding King Arthur and his knights. These, amongst other
themes, are interpreted in my own artistic style.

I developed an enthusiasm for history through visiting historic sights with
my father, experiencing various re-enactments and absorbing the
atmosphere. These childhood experiences remain with me to this day.
Having come from an artistic background and growing up in the South
Staffordshire countryside, as a child I was immersed in art and
developed a life long passion for horses, animals and the rural
landscape as well as being drawn to the beauty and magic of the art of
the Pre-Raphaelites.

These elements have now become part of my life and are woven into the
artwork I produce.

This new body of work explores my fascination with the romance of
Athurian stories and it’s link with history. With most of my previous
artwork depicting historic inspired scenes expressed in a figurative way,
here I also aim to pull together various components from my personal
interests to create works of art imbued with atmosphere, evoking a
sense of memory and narrative in a more semi-abstract way using a
mixed media approach. The artworks in this exhibition are the
beginnings of an ongoing project which will be developed further. I’m
looking forward to the journey and where the past may take me in the

Website: www.roxannegooderham.weebly.com

Fine Art Trade Guild Commended FramerMember of the Federation of Small Businesses

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