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Mythology and Y Mabinogion

Saturday 12th - Monday 21st October 2019

Mythology and Y Mabinogion

This is a joint exhibition from artists and friends Haz John and Helen Bruce. Both have a passion for folklore and expressing the mysteries of the natural world in their art.

As a child in Wales Haz John grew up surrounded by mythology and medieval stories, from outright magical tales to the legends that entwine so wonderfully with Welsh history. Often the magic that is to be found in these stories is seen as nothing more than fanciful but Haz has always felt that their magic can be found in the natural world around us. As an artist, Haz’s main objectives have been to try and portray the absolute connection everything has in our world, to display the mystical feeling that you find when you are immersed in your surroundings, and also to just simply imitate the absolute beauty of nature. Haz uses the natural world as her subject and watercolour and ink as her tools to create her illustrative pieces. Despite growing up interested in aspects of mythology, learning parts of it during school and reading about other parts at her own leisure, it wasn’t until university that Haz read Y Mabinogion as a whole. She framed a small project around the story of Blodeuwedd, but it was limited to criteria. This exhibition is a chance for Haz to employ all the skills she has learned in the intervening years to finally delve deeper into the various stories of Y Mabinogi that she has held dear for so long

Helen Bruce has studied mythology for over 15 years, carrying out detailed research as part of her degree in English Literature and Creative Writing and beyond. Following the path of a bard, she works as a storyteller, travelling all over the country and sharing folk tales in her own unique style. Inspired by her reworkings of ancient tales for modern audiences, she was called to give the Welsh Y Mabinogion the same treatment through art.

Best described as cartoon realism, her drawing style is reminiscent of graphic novels and hand drawn animations. In combining this aesthetic with the four branches of Y Mabinogion, she hopes to breathe fresh life into mythological characters and place them firmly within the current day. For her, storytelling, whether through art or words, has never been so important in the understanding of our shared roots. The tales of the past are just as relevant today as when they were written, and it is the duty of the bard within each of us to tell and retell these stories in endless interpretations anew.

Both artists hope that you will enjoy the exhibition, and leave inspired to delve deeper into your own mythology.

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