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Windows in Time

Saturday 14th December - Thursday 2nd January 2020

Zehavit started what she called “doodling” in 2014.

“I bought a diary and I had an idea of chronicling my life by drawing images. So I made a doodle for each day using multicoloured Biro pens. My idea was to basically have a book/diary to look back at my life and all the ideas I had.
The doodles became more and more elaborate and I ended up drawing everywhere I went, and while I was watching TV or listening to music. The more my mind was distracted the more complex the doodling became.
It took a very long time and effort for a proffesional curator to convince me that my work is actually art, because I always thought of it as merely doodles, something I do when my mind is wandering.”

Zehavit now draws only in expired lined paper diaries, on both sides of the pages. The point of the wohle thing is the fact, that due to the poor quality of the paper the ink bleeds into the next drawing on the other side of the page, creating a ghosting effect of the previous drawing.
“As time goes by it is more difficult to draw in the diary and I find the challenge highly inspiring. Every page is important and I can't waste it.”

The images come from a totally subconcious place. Zehavit never knows what will manifest itself next.

Although all the images have a different content, Zehavit's visual language explores some repeating themes: the moods of day, sunset and night exsisting simultaniously, starry skies and three moons.
Small figures are engulfed in the beauty (or threat) of vast universes.

Looking at the images we find ourselves often in very distant worlds, while at the same time very near, deep, internal ones. Each and every one will find their own place/reflection in Zehavit's vast visions, echoing her subconcious.

In the exhibition we are displaying prints on canvas made from the original works, which will give us a peek into her complete body of art which is the entire diary.

Zehavit is Israeli born.
Resides in Glastonbury, UK.

Heddy Beck Dahan
Artistic Manager/Curator


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