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Star Nation Scared Energy Art

Saturday 10th - Monday 19th July 2021

Star Nation Sacred Energy Art

Your Gateway to Awakening
For Adults and Children
The Art in this Exhibition was channelled by visionary artist Julie Ferris over 3 years and comes from the Star Nations Lyra, Andromeda, Orion, The Pleiades, and Sirius. This sacred cosmic energy is available to us now to assist our transformation on a personal and global level. These 13 Symbols contain the powerful energy of Divine Light Language and each has a specific healing focus.

Each painting is a gateway for us to access sacred energy. The vibration in Julie’s artworks is so high, it creates a shift in your energy that facilitates your healing and awakening. Your uplifted vibration in turn assists the new paradigm shift on the planet, enhancing the flow of a higher consciousness and a heart-based energy.
Writing clarifying the energy focus behind each Symbol will be available.
Julie will create a sacred space within the Exhibition where you can connect with the powerful energies of the 13 Symbols.

It is important that these energies are also accessible to children. An exciting new resource, co-created with Karen Goodson, will be available at this Exhibition. The Avatar in You, Cards for Children with Energy is a revolutionary communication tool for sensitive and uniquely gifted children. The cards have been channelled by Julie and Karen from high frequency children and are imbued with the sacred energy of the Symbols and other images. They enable children to communicate their feelings and their needs physically, emotionally, mentally and in the light body. Through this energy tool children will also be able to indicate the healing that you need.

The Avatar in You Cards will be available for you and your children to enjoy at the Exhibition.


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