Fine Art Trade Guild Commended Framer

Ruth Morland, GCF • 01458 837888

Pamela Legg


I have always had a passion for drawing and painting since I was very young. Inspired by Disney & Looney tunes I started by sketching cartoon characters until I took up painting when I was 14. I began by painting British wildlife scenes and landscapes in watercolours as well as the occasional pet portrait commission. I then branched off in to painting David Shepherd style exotic wildlife scenes of elephants, lions and tigers in oil paints. Eventually I decided to combine my humour and interest in cartoons with my paintings hence my creation of the little 'Gutterman' character.

Born in 1985 I have mainly lived in the South West of England although when only 4 my family moved to the highlands of Scotland where I first went to school and discovered the fun of snow ball fights!! Scotland is also where I got my first pet, a cat called Sparky. Animals are a very important part in my life and I have always had some sort of pet from cats to hamsters, mice or rats. This is probably one reason why so many animals feature hiding in my work. I also have a great interest in history which is why painting old street scenes holds a never ending fascination for me as I love researching old photos of street signs and shops etc to use in my paintings.

I am largely a self taught artist although I have studied at Somerset college of Arts & technology & have gained a degree in Animation at the University West of England in Bristol. I am currently living and painting in Somerset (and have seven pet guinea pigs).