Fine Art Trade Guild Commended Framer

Ruth Morland, GCF • 01458 837888

Tony Howell (Photography)

Tony Howell is a professional photographer with over 35 years experience based in Somerset, near Bristol, and his images have been used in countless books, calendars, magazines, on BBC TV, in a Hollywood Movie, billboards, brochures, catalogues, greeting cards, posters, postcards, websites, national newspapers, fleets of vans and much more.

Clients include National Geographic, The BBC, Christies, Royal Mail, The Tate, The National Trust, Penguin Books, Unicef, The Forestry Commission, & many more. Tony Howell is represented by various photo libraries; Getty Images, Flower Photos, Alamy and National Trust Photo Library and has work on sale in various galleries


'When I started using a camera in 1977, I really started seeing the world properly for the first time. I take photographs because I'm interested in anything beautiful, but particularly the natural world. I just love nature; I love the creative process, and tuning in to my own interpretation of the subject; trying to express my feelings about what I see. I hope to get my message across in my images: - peace and joy through beauty. Concentrate on beauty and it infuses your life. It can be a spiritual experience that lifts me higher; mostly when I'm photographing, but also when I make a great print and relive being there. Taking photographs makes me seek out beauty, which then uplifts me. I'm not just doing it for myself; I've received many thank you messages from people over the years. My work has uplifted them too, and many say it inspires them. This is surely the greatest compliment, and spurs me on to to capture more fine glimpses of this ever-changing world'. 'The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera' - Dorothea Lange